We Spend Hours Studying Companies and Charts Identifying Key Characteristics Before a Stock Takes Off: That’s the Key: TIMING

Go Look at the Charts of: PROT, LULU, MAKO and LCC. Wowser! These are the Types of Stocks We Scour the Market For!

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What do all the above stocks have in common? I’ll tell you what: you won’t find them any of them in the DOW or S&P, that’s what. The DOW and S&P are averages, and we’re not interested in “average” stocks and you’re not either. We’re interested in returns of 300%, 400% and more…. White hot penny stocks beat the pants off the averages. There are few things in investing – maybe even in life, more exciting than when a penny stock takes off.

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Surgeon General's Warning:

Investing in Penny Stocks may result in increased Levels of excitement, heart palpitations and may pack on additional weight to your wallet.

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